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Why Are Regular Eye Tests Important?

Regular eye tests are important because you are usually asymptomatic when there is something wrong with your eyes. An eye test is an essential health check which can pick up early signs of eye conditions before the patient is even aware of them. Many of these conditions can be treated if found early enough.

Who Should Get Their Eyes Examined
Everyone should get regular eye exams from young children to adults. Eye exams are recommended every two years however certain groups have an increased risk of eye health problems and should therefore be tested more regularly. These groups include children with glasses, diabetics, over 40 with family history of glaucoma, learning disability, family history of eye disease and generally anyone over 60 who has age related changes with their eyes which require monitoring.

What is the Optician Checking For
As well as your sight the optician will check the health of your eyes and any general health problems. Here are some examples of what the optician is testing for – eye movement and coordination, visual field, pupil reflexes, eye pressure, vision, visual acuity, eye health inside and out.

Eye Diseases
The optician will examine the front and back of the eye checking the health of the eye. They will look at the blood vessels and optic nerve head looking for signs of high blood pressure, glaucoma and diabetes as well as many other conditions. A number of these conditions are asymptomatic and therefore early detection and treatment can help reduce the risk of permanent vision loss.

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